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Welcome to NavyLights!

Eight hearts must beat as one in an eight oared shell or you don't have a crew!
-- George Yeoman Pocock

Originally established for alumni in the Classes of 1974 - 1978 who rowed in Navy lightweight crews coached by LT Jon Eric VanAmringe, USN (Yale 1970); since its inception, interest has grown to all Friends of Navy Lightweight Crew!

About browsing this site....

  • links directly to the latest Navy Crew Newsletter.
  • Navy Links is a page with links to sites about Navy lightweight rowing, rowing in general, and information about the Naval Academy.
  • Alumni is a page with all items rowing.
  • History & Archives is a page with links to Navy lightweight rowing histories by year from 1919 - present; however, these history pages can only be accessed by registered members. The site does, however, include other links to Navy lightweight historical information that does not require registration; such as, lists of all past and present Navy lightweight crew head coaches, captains, Spirits of the Lightweights, and other items of interest.
  • Join / Members Roster. "Join" is a page for alumni and friends of Navy rowing to register; "Members Roster" is the tab that shows for those already registered and shows all members.

Be One With The Boat!