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1919 Cup

The 1919 Cup is a team trophy competed for annually between Navy and Penn lightweight crews.

On Saturday, 31 May 1919, at the Fifteenth Annual Regatta of the American Rowing Association, a "Special Eight-Oared Shells (150 Lb. Crews)" rowing event was included in the schedule, which was the first American intercollegiate lightweight 8+ rowing event. Two teams competed on the day: the United States Naval Academy and the University of Pennsylvania.

Rowed over the Henley distance on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Navy won this inaugural 150-pound event by rowing in at 7:02.8.

The 1919 Cup is the original trophy awarded to Navy in 1919, which was repurposed as the Navy-Penn team trophy that is now awarded annually to the winning team, and on 26 April 2014 the inaugural team competition was won by Navy on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Navy leads the series 4 - 2.

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The 1919 Cup  Winning Crews

Year Winner N - P
2014 Navy 1 - 0
2015 Penn 1 - 1
2016 Navy 2 - 1
2017 Navy 3 - 1
2018 Navy 4 - 1
2019 Penn 4 - 2