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Coaches of Crew

Coaches of Crew
Dedicated on 14 September 2012 to
James C. (Jimmy) Joy and Carl Farnum Ullrich
And in honor of all Coaches of Crew – present, past, and yet to come

Rowing's a sport that will make you
Focused, aerobic, and strong;
But rowing's also ‘bout racing
And lessons to carry life long.
It takes a unique kind o' mentor
To teach rowers how all this is done,
Plus seat boats o' eight oars and a coxswain –
So nine hearts can be beatin' as one.

These mentors are known as a crew coach –
Omnipotent could be their name –
But they know how to limit their power
And never cause rowers no shame.
They're there when yer out on the water;
They're there when yer even on shore;
And when you could swear you was plum out o' air
They're there sayin', "Five pieces more!"

You learn to extend with a quick catch
And sweep with a powerful drive;
To feather the oar at the finish
And maxin' the run for to strive.
Recovery is to be patient;
Perfect set and swing – what a gem!
Eight rowers in consummate rhythm:
Yes you learn about rowing from them.

You learn to start with a fury!
To be quick – in control – but not rush.
And each race by case-to-case varies –
To move for that go ahead push.
Power tens are taken as needed –
Self-control avoids utter mayhem;
And that sprint at the end is exhausting:
Yes you learn about racing from them.

Then even long days after rowing
The rule of your life is hard work.
Enduring self-discipline guides you;
No duty do ever you shirk.
There's never an outcome that's written;
Nay – no answer without a problem.
So you thrive with a self-perseverance:
Yes you learn about living from them.

Gary Arthur Lundeen
NavyLights74-78 Reunion IV – 14-16 September 2012