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Thursday Eleven Mile Run

Rowing Remembrances from NavyLights Yore
(♫ in the key of crazy eights ♫)

Remember the Thursday 11-mile runs…?
…Remember them eleven mile runs on Thursdays?
  We’d take-off from Hubbard, exit at Gate 8, run across the Severn River Bridge, take a right to the Annapolis Naval Base and at just before the entrance to the base take a hard left and run down into a ditch and then on all fours! run-climb-crawl 40 yards [well, maybe it's 39 yards] up a 500% slope on to the Naval Base Golf Course, run the entire perimeter of the course, and then run back to Mother Hubbard where Coach and coxes were waiting with their stopwatches. Hmmm, how come them wee li’l coxes dinnt join us…? Or did they…?

We was hard, we was, in them days...!