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One With the Boat

One With the Boat
Dedicated to all who were part of Navy Lightweight Crew during the 1974-1976 rowing seasons

A lubber once asked,
What is perfection?
And the answer back was thus:

Eight rowers over the centerline
Their movements as if one;
Each stroke is long;
Each drive is strong;
Eight rowers – as if one.


Bow-oar and two have boundless heart –
No equals have bow pairs met.
Staying over the keel
They row with zeal
As together the boat they set.
It's them and the boat and their oars:
Bow and two at one with the boat!

At power tens three-oar excels –
Stroke-for-stroke four-oar does thrive.
And no one can quite
Match five's brawny might
As together the boat they drive!
It's the boat and their oars and them:
Three engines at one with the boat!

It's a Bless-ed Rule o' Three!
Their oars and them and the boat!
Every race is won
By maxing the run
With eight rowers as one with the boat!

The six-oar's stroke has zing and zip –
And seven's has zip and zing!
Even lubbers will note
The grace o' their boat
Cuz together they make 'er swing!
It's the boat and them and their oars:
Six and seven at one with the boat!

The wee li'l cox the cadence counts –
The stroke sets the rhythm and rate.
Stroke's focus is keen
And each catch is clean
And the cox keeps the boat headed straight.
It's an oar and the boat and them:
Stroke and cox as one with the boat!

It's a rowing Trinity!
Them and their oars and the boat!
In never a heat
Will a crew be beat
When eight rowers are one with the boat!

Gary Arthur Lundeen
NavyLights74-78 Reunion III – 24-26 April 2009