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Stadium Steps

Rowing Remembrances from NavyLights Yore
(♫ in the key of crazy eights ♫)

Remember the stadium runs…?
…Remember them stadium runs
when we jogged from Hubbard over to Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and then began circuits of sprints up the circular stadium ramps from bottom-to-top with jogs back down from top-to-bottom? Upon completing whatever number of circuits Coach decided, we’d then jog to the upper level bleacher section in the stadium and begin running stadium steps. First, everyone paired-up and one partner would sprint up the steps carrying the other piggyback, both would then jog back down, and switch. After Coach had enough of that we’d switch from piggyback and then sprint up the steps carrying partners in an arms-carry, both jog back down, and switch. I believe the numbers of circuits for all of these were directly proportional to the amount of time we had to jog back to Mother Hubbard, shower, and make it to the Mess Hall for evening meal.

Aye! We was hard, we was, in them days!