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Von Der Steuerbordseite

Speaking with rowing alumni from the pre- and post-70s decades, port versus starboard boathouse banter seems to have been limited to the '70s.

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Stephen Clark Nimitz '76: Port-side always pulled harder. Starboard was along for the ride.
Gary Arthur Lundeen '75: Y'all larboard varmints kin kiss my rightside, starboard, hairy-ass!


The Curse of Every Port-Oar:
Starboard Is For All Time Right

Larboards and starboards will fight,
‘Bout the side with more power and might,
But no matter how strong
One side has to be wrong
And we all know that starboard is right!

Gary Arthur Lundeen
12 October 2002

We Few, We Happy Few...

Larboards and starboards agree,
The other is rank as can be!
But with malice toward none
When race is to be won
Then we pull as if one – brother-ly.

Gary Arthur Lundeen
12 October 2002